The TV company TOP TV operates within the company Top Sound d.o.o. based in Belgrade. In addition to TOP TV, the company also includes the music publishing production Top Sound.

The idea of founding TOP television was born watching other television stations and listening to the needs of people who are originally from Serbia and the former Yugoslavia and who they live in the diaspora.

Eight years ago, TOP TV started broadcasting its program of musical and entertaining character with with the goal of entertaining and cheering up its viewers. Our program is broadcast live continuously 24 hours in HD quality. The program is a collage type and consists of music and talk shows. Currently, the Top TV program can be watched via cable networks IPTV and OTT platforms as well as via Orion cable operator.

We are one of the television stations where employees strive to reach the standards that we also set out to feel the pulse of our viewers and create a program that draws attention to ourselves.

The target group we are addressing are people in the Balkans and the Diaspora.